Tochinoshin will not participate in the summer tour of Japan
27 July, 2018
On the 29th of July Sumo wrestlers would normally start their summer tour of Japan. It usually lasts for around 1 month. During this time professional wrestlers would visit nearly every part of Japan.

Unfortunately, Levan Gorgadze also known as Tochinoshin, will not make the 2018 tour due to an injury which he suffered at the latest Nagoya Basho tournament.

On the 14th of July Levan suffered a ruptured tendon to his right leg, between his
toes. Despite having a chance to come out victorious from the Nagoya Basho, he had to withdraw from the competition.
Tochinoshin during a combat

There is also another sumo wrestler – Ozeki Takayasu Akyra, who will also miss the tour. Another three Yokuzunas who pulled out of the latest Nagoya Basho due to injuries, Hakuho, Kakuryu and Kisenosato will take part in the tour.

The next Basho is due to be held between September 9-23. This Basho has a special importance for Tochinoshin. In this tournament he will have to fight to maintain the title of Ozeki. If he does not succeed, he will be stripped of the title.

The Georgian Journal wishes Tochinoshin good luck and success in any future tournaments!

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