Zaza Pachulia’s accountant convicted of misappropriation of 800 ,000 US dollars
29 August, 2018
According to Sentinel, Zaza’s former accountant Randy Di Usow misappropriated 800 thousand US dollars from Georgian basketball player Zaza Pachulia and his wife. The 62-year-old man was charged with two offences - misappropriation of property and theft of personal information. The first offence normally carries a 10 year imprisonment and a 250 thousand dollars fine, and the second offence a 2 year imprisonment.

However 62-year-old Usow confessed to committing the crimes and negotiated a plea bargain. As a result he was
sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in total and ordered to pay 618 450 dollars.
Zaza Pachulia plays in NBA. Photo courtesy:

Usow was the owner of Randy Usow Accounting in Washington. Zaza met him in 2004 and the money was said to have been misappropriated between 2011 and 2015.

Pachulia and his wife did not know anything about the theft, because they received an annual income of $164,000, and the rest was transferred into Randy’s own account.

Last year, the Pachulias sued Usow in court, but he assured them that he would correct the situation.

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