Autumn Basho kicks off tomorrow – Will Tochinoshin succeed
08 September, 2018
Sumo autumn Basho kicks off tomorrow and will last for 15 days. Every ticket is already sold. The Georgian wrestler, Levan Gorgadze or Tochinoshin participates as well. The current Basho is distinguished because every Sumoist will take part both in the Highest Division and Jūryō League. All of the three Yokuzunas will take part in the competition – Kakuriu, Hakuho and Kisenasoto.

This Basho is very important for the Georgian fans, because it is decisive for Tochinoshin and another Georgian Gagamaru,
Teimuraz Jugeli. If losing the competition, Tochinoshin will lose the title of Ozeki he was granted at the previous Basho. Gagamaru may lose the title of Sekitori and his rank will be downgraded as well.
Toshinoshin's photo is on the cover of the Japanese magazine

On the 9th of September Tochinoshin will fight against Chitariu. The odds between them is 4:2 in favor of the Georgian. At the previous Basho he defeated Chitariu.

On the 10th of September Tochinoshin faces Yutakaiama. He had defeated Yutakaiama on the previous Basho as well.

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