Tochinoshin loses his third bout in the Autumn Basho
11 September, 2018
The Georgian wrestler Levan Gorgadze lost his third bout in the Autumn Basho today, on the 11th of September. Tochinoshin fought against the Japanese komusubi Takakeisho. Tochinoshin’s balance with the Japanese was 1:3. After losing the bout, his balance is 1:4.

The Georgian wrestler’s next opponent will be the Mongolian Komusubi Tamawashi. Tochinoshin has 15 wins and 8 losses against this wrestler.

As for another Georgian wrestler Teimuraz Jugheli or Gagamaru, he was defeated by the Japanese Chiyonoumi Meitaro with a
Tsukiotoshi move. They fought in the Juryo division. Currently, Gagamaru has a negative balance with the wrestler 1:2. His next opponent will be another Japanese wrestler Enho.

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