Tochinoshin wins the third fight, despite a bleeding eyebrow
12 September, 2018
Today, on the 12th of September Tochinoshin came out victorious from his third fight of the autumn Basho. Levan Gorgadze defeated Komosubi Tamavashi. During the fight, both of the Sumo wrestlers accidentally fell from the dohyo and so the referee was unable to name the winner. Tochinoshin hit his head on a chair. When he got up his eyebrow was bleeding. Apparently, he had damaged it when he fell down.

In the second attempt Levan defeated his opponent and now the
competition odds are 3:1 in favor of the Georgian.

Tomorrow Tochinoshin faces Mitakeumi, who has yet to lose a fight at the current Basho. Despite this the odds between them is 5:2 in favor of the Georgian.

Unfortunately, another Georgian wrestler Gagamaru, Teimuraz Jugeli lost his fight. He had previously suffered a knee injury at an earlier Basho and so was having to compete with the aid of pain killing drugs.

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