Tochinoshin won the 14th bout and secured Ozeki title
22 September, 2018
On the 22nd of September, 14th day of the autumn Basho, Tochinoshin defeated maegashira Abi Masatora. This win is very important for the Georgian Sumo wrestler because if he lost today, he would lose title of Ozeki.

In November, at the next Basho Levan Gorgadze will compete as Ozeki again.

Tomorrow, at the last day of the autumn Basho, Tochinoshin will face ozeki Takayasu Akira. The odds between them are 7:9 in favor of Japanese wrestler.

Unfortunately, Gagamaru lost yesterday. Teimuraz
Jugeli has lost 8 bouts so far and probably he will be downgraded in the third league.

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