The Summary of Autumn Basho
24 September, 2018
The autumn Basho came to an end. The winner of the tournament became Hakuho. The Mongolian sumo wrestler is the holder of the highest sumo rank of Yokozuna. It is the 14th win for Hakuho at the tournament.

Hakuho is followed by the Japanese Ozeki Goeido with the balance: 12:3. The third place was taken by Ozeki Takayasu, with a record of 11 wins and 4 defeats.
As for Tochinoshin, he achieved 9 wins out of 15 bouts at the tournament.
The most intense bout for the Georgian sumo wrestler turned out to be against Komusubi Tamawashi. There were two fights needed in order to reveal the winner. Despite the eyebrow injury, Tochinoshin made it to defeat the Mongolian sumo wrestler.
According to the Autumn Basho, Tochinoishin takes the 7th place at the tournament with the balance 9:6. He has earned 74 Kenshos (104 118 GE).

The next Basho tournament is scheduled in November.
In regard to another Georgian sumo wrestler from Juryo Division Teimuraz Jugheli or Gagamaru, he has a negative balance at the tournament: 6:9. He takes 12th place at the league but his runner-ups earned balances giving him the least chances to remain in the division and secure the Sekitori title.
Gagamaru has to win the third division at the Basho tournament in Fukuoka in order to regain the title.

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