Georgian Levan Tsurtsumia named N1 athlete of the US
14 January, 2019
Georgian weightlifter Levan Tsurtsumia is a very famous athlete in the US. At the end of October 2018, New Jersey hosted the world championship organized by the World Natural Powerlifting Federation. Tsurtsumia was recognized as the number 1 athlete of the year collecting 3 gold medals in the championship. Besides he broke the record for biceps weight lifting.

Levan Tsurtsumia started his career when he was a student at t
he Academy of sport in Georgia. At an early stage of his career, he got top results in weightlifting. After gaining most of the gold medals in Georgia, he continued his successful career abroad.

So far, a 28-year old athlete has collected silver medals for arm wrestling on both his right and left arms in the Maryland championship. As for the New York championship, Levan has been awarded gold medals in biceps weight lifting, powerlifting and bench pressing and silver medals for arm wrestling on both his right and left arms.

The Georgian athlete established a sports club "Gorilla" in the US preparing athletes for the international competitions. Apart from being the founder of "Gorilla", Levan Tsurtsumia is the weight trainer of the club.

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