Georgia wins Rugby Europe Championship, happily celebrates their victory over Russia
20 March, 2019
Georgian National Rugby team has defeated the Russian team in the Rugby Europe championship to become the winner of the competition. Georgia defeated Russia with a score of 22 to 6 in Krasnodar, Russia on the 17th of March. Before the final round, Georgia had defeated Germany (52:3) Kutaisi (a city in the west part of Georgia), Belgium (46:6) Brussels (the capital of Belgium), Spain (24:10) Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia), Romania (18:9) in Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca (a city in
northwestern Romania).

GeorgianNational Rugby players appeared on the stadium with the Georgian map reflected on their shirts. The map was a special gesture in order to state one more time that Abkhazia and Samachablo (Russian-occupied territories) are Georgia. The match had huge importance for Georgians as Russia continues the illegal process of the so-called borderization on the country's territory. After gaining their victory over Russia, Georgian players celebrated the win and shared the happy video with the entire country.

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