Tochinoshin lost the Ozeki title, will try to regain it in May
25 March, 2019
Georgian Sumo wrestler Levan Gorgadze, Tochinoshin lost the Ozeki title as a result of losing the 15th of bout Haru Basho (2019 Sumo Spring Basho) with Takakeisho. Tochinoshin collected 7 wins out of 15 but he needed at least 8 wins to maintain the title. Levan Gorgadze gained the title in January 2018.

“In what amounted to a winner-take-all, ozeki promotion-relegation battle, Tochinoshin, who has been racked with injuries since he made his ozeki debut last July, was blown out of
the ring by 22-year-old sekiwake Takakeisho,” reads The Japanese Times about the bout.

He was the first Georgian and third European to have received the honorable rank. Ozeki is a champion rank immediately below the Yokozuna, the highest rank in sumo wrestling. Currently, he holds the title of Sekiwake (the third highest rank). Levan Gorgodze will be able to regain the Ozeki title in case he has 10 wins out of 15 on the next sumo tournament in May.

“Since the six-tournament system started in 1958, Tochinoshin is just the second ozeki to drop from the sport’s second-highest rank after only five tournaments and the first since 1974. He can regain his ozeki ranking if he earns 10 wins at the Summer Grand Tournament in May.”

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