Weekly digest
25 November, 2010

‘Georgia will never use force to restore its territorial integrity and sovereignty,’ President of Georgia said in an address to the European Parliament on 23 November.

Mikheil Saakashvili voiced the unilateral initiative that Georgia will use only peaceful methods to restore its territorial integrity and sovereignty.
“The Georgian government already considers itself bound by the August 12 ceasefire agreement and has always understood that this ceasefire clearly prohibits the use of force.
But in order to prove that Georgia is

definitively committed to the peaceful resolution of its conflict with the Russian Federation, ‘we take today the unilateral initiative to declare that Georgia will never use force to restore its territorial integrity and sovereignty; that it will only resort to peaceful means in its quest for de-occupation and reunification of its territory.
Even if the Russian Federation refuses to withdraw its occupation forces, even if its proxy militia multiplies its human rights violations, Georgia will only retain the right of self-defense in the case of new attacks and invasion of the 80% of the Georgian territory that remains under control of Georgian government”, Saakashvili said.
President of Georgia addressed the audience that he would send letters to UN and OSCE Secretary Generals and EU leadership.
’I will address the relevant letters to the Secretary General of the United Nations, the Secretary General of the OSCE, and the leadership of the European Union, stating clearly that we commit ourselves not to use force in order to reunite our illegally divided country, neither against the occupation forces, nor against their proxies, even though the UN Charter allows us to do so.
My pledge here, in front of you, constitutes a unilateral declaration of a state under the international law.
This initiative, Ladies and gentlemen, is far from being an easy one for a country that is partially occupied and that has 500 000 IDPs and refugees.
This declaration continues and expands our policy of “constructive unilateralism.”
I am, ladies and gentlemen, ready for a deep and comprehensive dialogue with my Russian counterpart’, President of Georgia stated.
The 30-minute address of President of Georgia to the European Parliament was interrupted seven times by the applause.
= ‘Moscow has nothing to talk about with Saakashvili’ was Russia’s immediate response to Saakashvili’s offer. Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that they have nothing to talk about with the President of Georgia, - Interfax Agency reported.
= On 22 November 2010, in Brussels, Agreement on ‘The Readmission of Persons Residing without Authorization’ was signed between Georgia and the EU.
The said fact is of utmost importance, whereas following the signing of the document, the respective procedures necessary for the simultaneous taking of force of the Visa Facilitation Agreement, signed in June 2010, and the Readmission Agreement will be launched.
= Dmitry Medvedev is willing to devise such missile shield system by the implementation of which Russia will be able to defend Europe from any possible missile threats in case the West takes similar responsibilities as well, Russian media informs.
Experts say that the Summit demonstrated a breakthrough stage in Russia-NATO relations, making Russia’s integration in NATO quite a realistic prospect.
“Either we will be plenipotentiary participants in the program, exchanging information, taking responsibility on resolving problems or we won’t participate at all. However, if we aren’t engaged in the system, we will have to defend ourselves”, Medvedev said.
=‘It was the most fruitful week since I became the President of Georgia’, Mikheil Saakashvili said after the meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in Lisbon  on 19 November..
According to Saakashvili, all open or secret efforts aimed at marginalizing Georgia have yielded the opposite result.
‘To tell the truth, occupants can not subsist for a long time in the 21st century. So what we need now are tolerance, unity and hard work’, Saakashvili noted.
After the meeting with Obama, the Georgian President said Obama expressed support for Georgia. ‘He gave a high evaluation to the economic and democratic development of Georgia. He showed a detailed knowledge of the problem of territorial integrity of Georgia’, Saakashvili said in Lisbon.
The White House released an official statement on the meeting between Barack Obama and Mikheil Saakashvili in Lisbon.
The statement says the US Resident expressed support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. Obama hailed the ongoing democratic reforms in Georgia. In Addition, he gave a positive evaluation to Georgia’s contribution to NATO-led ISAF operation in Afghanistan.
The sides also discussed nuclear security issues.
= President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili pardoned 220 convicts in connection to the holiday of St. George’s Day.
As Minister of Penitentiary System and Legal Assistance of Georgia Khatuna Kalmakhelidze said at the press conference, 182 convicts, including 1 under-aged person and 12 women, will be released from prisons by the end of the day.