Mobiles are ringing the global changes
23 August, 2012

During the past few years, there has been one constant in my life. Wherever I have traveled, in Europe or elsewhere, I have carried a mobile phone. Usually, I do not think about this habit at all, (except when I lose the device and panic). About 2,5 billion people in emerging markets have mobile phones. In the Philippines, Mexico and South Africa, mobile phone coverage is nearly 100 per cent of the population.  

People are not only better connected than

before, which has big political and commercial implications, their movements, habits and ideas have become more transparent. That is significant, given how hard it used to be to monitor poor and geographically scattered societies. At the current stage of technological mobile revolution aid groups are not just tracking physical phones, they also watching levels of mobile phone usage and bill payment. If this changes, it can indicate economic distress, far more accurately than Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data. The UN secretary-general is launching project called Global Pulse to screen some of the 2,5 quintillion bytes of so-called “big data” generated each day, including on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

What has changed in mobile device market in Georgia ? Samsung is fiercely trying to compete with Apple Corp’s bestseller – I-phone with aggressive marketing of Samsung Galaxy Wave 3 , HTC keeps silence on Georgian marketplace which is probably evidence the HTC train is gone in Georgia while Samsung, Nokia and LG have even Georgian alphabet in the low-end cheap models of the handsets. The mobile phone in my and your pocket in other words, does not just connect me to friends. It is now part of a shared human experience and database that spans the globe, and which is growing in depth and powers each day. Please do not turn your mobile off and watch the battery charge as you should be on-line, this is a vital component of the present life, indicator that you listen to your Partners, Customers, Patients, Relatives, Friends and Soulmates.