‘Fashionable’ Monkey: refuses to go outside without a blanket
26 January, 2013
It may not be as fashionable as the IKEA monkey's little beige coat, but Nakima refuses to go outside without her blanket.
At Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary in the U.K., the female chimpanzee is known for wearing her blanket around her shoulders like a shawl to keep out the cold, the Huffington Post reports.
According to the zookeeper Jan Garen, the odd habit originated from the chimp's upbringing. Before she came to the sanctuary, Nakima lived in a house
for almost 29 years and became accustomed to wearing a blanket, Garen explains in the video clip.
While the primate park features heated accommodations for its inhabitants, Nakima is the only chimp who regularly wears a blanket. So Garen believes she may be milking it a bit.
Run by Garen and her husband Graham, the Wales sanctuary offers refuge to unwanted primates. The pair first took in seven chimpanzees 14 years ago, transforming a family farm into a wildlife park, the BBC reports.
Chimpanzees are currently classified as endangered and face threats such as habitat loss and bushmeat hunting, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

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