28 March, 2013
Two sides of the ocean seem to be vying for Georgia’s attention. Vying might be too soft of a word; let us just say that while one side is trying to keep interested, the other is simply invading. We shall look at the two sides separately. Let’s start with the invading side.
Vladimir Putin has once said that he has no problem with Georgian people, it was their president, Michael Saakashvili he wasn’t willing to work with. Mr. Putin may not
have a problem with Georgian people, but he has a funny way of showing it. After all of the political, physical and mental intrusions, intimidations and numerous invasions, an observer might even say, Putin had a serious problem with Georgia as a nation. On one hand he is willing to be entertained by Georgian dancers, willing to even allow import of Georgian wine, mineral drink and Georgian produced Coca –Cola, but he won’t even consider giving the Georgian children their homes back in Abkhazia and Ossetia. By his actions Mr. Putin has blatantly set the standard for his governments’ official stance on Georgia; not treated as equal, but a pretty nuisance that has to be taught a lesson. Lesson being that Georgians are on this earth to please Russians and for nothing more. Forget about aspirations to be treated as a sovereign country, Russian army is stationed all around Georgia to make sure that doesn’t happen. Forget about creating economic contacts with Europe, Russian market will take care of that, if the Georgian product passes its 10th inspection. Forget about the youth, about building a country for them, Georgia will return back to the ideology of parents and grandparents, where one man fed his entire extended family and was treated like a mafia Don, because who needs young people, they can just go back to ruining their lives with drugs. That way they won’t be able to compete for the jobs with less educated and less qualified older relics from Shevardnadze’s time.  The lesson will teach Georgians to mind their manners, dance and sing and look pretty, but nothing more. As long as Georgia doesn’t fancy herself a ‘real’ country with borders and such nonsense, Georgia will finally be tolerable enough for Russian tourists to come and stay for as long as they want, do what they want with whomever they want.  Russian government is obsessed with Georgia same way an abusive husband is obsessed with his wife who finally has the courage to leave him. It’s not the love or respect that Russian government feels for Georgian people; it’s the idea of ownership that is driving their obsession. The fact that Russian dictator (let’s not insult anyone by pretending he is a democratically elected president) can openly disrespect another country’s leader by suggesting that he would enjoy hanging the other man by his balls, shows just how much losing control over Georgia is pissing him off. It also shows a very unhealthy obsession over another male’s balls, but that’s another topic altogether.
Let’s see what the other side brings to the table. American and European tourists love the Black sea for its seemingly healing powers. Russian too love Georgia’s beaches so much they annexed a big chunk of it and called it their own. Apparently ‘love’ doesn’t mean the same in the entire world. When Americans go to Georgia, they are interested in learning about the ancient culture, they are interested in the music and the dance, and they study them, as evident with numerous American folk singing groups in US who sing Georgian music. Russians come to listen to the singing, join in when drunk and when they can’t pronounce a word, get even more drunk and insult the ‘stupid Georgian language’. They eat the food and then go home. Americans are fascinated with Georgian food; they ask questions and try to learn to make it. Americans attempt to learn the language; Russians don’t think they need to, because anyone in their back yard should know Russian anyway. There’s a fundamental difference between two sides: one side thinks Georgians are there to serve them and the other is grateful for the invitation and is not interested in subjugating anyone for it. To put it in simpler terms, one side doesn’t respect Georgia and the other one does. It’s not hard to figure out which side is which.