And the Olympic flame keeps going out...
17 October, 2013
And the Olympic flame  keeps going out...
A new analysis technique that compared Albert Einstein’s brain to others of the period shows the left and right cerebral hemispheres of the famous scientist’s brain were unusually well connected to each other. This connectivity may have contributed to his brilliance, according to Florida State University evolutionary anthropologist Dean Falk.
People watching the Olympic relay lost count of the number of instances when the Olympic flame has gone out on its journey through Russia. Not to say that this is
an unprecedented event, flames are not resistant to wind or rain, and for that reason there is always a back up original flame carried in a secure backup source. When the torch goes out it is supposed to be relit from the back up source that holds the Olympic flame to maintain the legality and originality of the flame. Apparently the majesty of the Olympic flame was lost on Russians, as the flame has been relit with regular lighters. To account for this strange phenomena of the flame having died at least four times already, (it may have died once more while this article was being printed), the designer of the torch Andrei Vodyanik has blamed the “will of man” and not his ridiculously costly and yet tragically flawed design. A person would think that it is a dark foreshadowing to the games if no one is held accountable for mistakes right from the start. But a person who knows how Russian business and government operate would just shrug and think that a handful of people made a lot of money with less than adequate product and that adequacy was of no concern to them. The multi billion investment poured into Sochi construction seems to have been plagued by rainfalls and was literally washed away, comically enough because the engineers forgot to install a drainage system. And to top that off right after the work was finished the police rounded up all the migrant laborers working on the Olympic construction sites only to keep them in less than humane conditions, in violation of migrant work laws. It is curious that the police didn’t have a problem with the migrant workers before they became less useful. Have these workers been able to collect their wages, or was the governmental sweep just in time to send them home packing without any pay? And where was IOC during all of this? While the evidence of this inhumane behavior came to light, the IOC Coordination Committee Chairman Jean-Claude Killy was blissfully exclaiming that the preparations for the games were “really magnificent.”
Aside from laughable preparations the government of Russia is staging for the Sochi Olympics, the major reason to boycott the Olympics is the occupation of Georgia, a sovereign country, the fact the Russian government refuses to acknowledge. Georgia’s occupied territories - Abkhazia and Ossetia - have been entered into the Olympics under their own flags. Never mind that existence of these flags is not recognized by anyone besides Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, islands of Nauru and Tuvalu, somehow Abkhazia and Ossetia have qualified for the Olympics. And the Olympic flame keeps going out again and again. While most of the world realizes that it is more feasible for Russian president and his sidekicks to let Georgians have Moscow rather than back off Abkhazia and Ossetia, some people in Georgia seem to have missed this point. While the government of Georgia mulls over if it really should or shouldn’t boycott the Sochi Olympics, it should consider that the Georgian team would be traveling 600 kilometers to play nice with a country that has a anti-gay propaganda to rival that of Hitler’s, has an army that is intent on continuing its invasion of Georgia, (the pipeline may have been conquered by the time this article is published) and has the most psychologically incurable obsession with destruction of Georgian people. When the Georgian Government realizes that Russia’s claim to love Georgia is directed at the territory of Georgia, not its inhabitants, then perhaps they will come to a decision to boycott the Olympics.
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