Strength, Bravery and pure inspiration! - Disabled war veterans hold a competition
24 February, 2015
Facebook user Marcos Do Val has published a video on his page about disabled soldiers.

"My friends, are you discouraged, complaining about problems and feel something is missing from your life?

Then watch this video that I have put together for you.
The biggest obstacle in a person’s life is himself!

* Team x.t.r.e.m.e. is an organization founded by a group of U.S. marine veterans. The goal is to raise awareness and support for the wounded warriors.

They are compet
ing in all kinds of events, including triathlons, etc. The soldiers are using gas masks, which makes it extremely difficult to breathe and see during the exercises!

These men are doing an incredible job to honor, empower and motivate the heroes and have already set a World record in Guinness book!" - reads the post.