“The Kremlin Has Become Worse Than the Islamic State” – Details of a Bloody Terrorist Act in Kharkiv
26 February, 2015
On February 22nd, an explosion in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv took the lives of three people and injured eleven more. The terrorist act took place at the Dignity March, a demonstration dedicated to anniversary of Euromaidan protests. As a result of an investigative operation conducted by Ukraine’s Security Service, four people were apprehended on charges of terrorism.

Mikhail Maslov, one of the demonstration’s participants:

– Kharkiv is not a warzone, and this march was merely a peaceful demonstration. This
was not military action - this was a terrorist act, aimed at women and children. The march was announced beforehand, and terrorists had ample time to prepare and plan. Everyone knows that it was the work of a pro-Russian group calling itself Kharkiv Guerillas, who are nothing but full-blown terrorists targeting innocent citizens. This bloody tragedy happened at Kremlin’s instigation, and who knows how many similar incidents await us.
I still can’t get the memories of what happened from my head: we were walking in an organized column when I heard an explosion and then a teenager walking before me fell down, cried and began thrashing on the ground. The vision of dirty snow painted by stripes of blood still stands before my eyes. At first we were all very confused; there was a woman with a baby in a pram walking near me, and the best thing we could come up with was rushing to cover the pram with our bodies, but then we realized what happened and rushed to help the teenager. The woman with the baby panicked and clutched onto the pram, prostrating herself over it. Then we noticed another woman, who had received an elbow wound. We provided her with first aid the best we could until the ambulance came. I’ll never forget that day – I was covered in blood from head to toe.

Masha Serdi­ko­va, resident of Kharkiv:

– That explosi­on resulted in a 15-year-old boy receiving a major cranial trauma and falling into a coma. He was taken to a hospital, but the doctors failed to save him. They removed numerous metal fragments from his head. We found out where this poor child lived and came to console his family and express our condolences. It is of people like him, his parents and his mother’s tears, that make it worth continuing to resist.
Currently the hospital hosts a dozen of explosion victims and we visit them every day. All of them are younger than 30 and almost all of them suffer from concussions, limb injuries and cranial trauma—most of them inflicted by hand grenade fragments.
The Kremlin is worse than the Islamic State now, and if the civilized world does not take measures, the next Kharkiv, the next Debaltseve and the next Kiev might happen in European cities. Still, we endure. Despite thousands of victims, despite hundreds of murdered children, we continue to fight against Putin’s deranged ambitions. The people demand the harshest possible punishment for the four captured “guerillas.” This is a chance for our govern­ment to show us how courageous and just it is. They have attacked a peaceful march. They have killed teenagers, women and children. This terrorist act was arranged by Russia, and we will never accept a lenient sentence for those who committed it.