Surveillance camera footage from the scene of Nemtsov's death captures crucial evidence
28 February, 2015
Surveillance cameras have captured what presumably was the ill-fated white car from which Boris Nemtsov, a prominent Russian oppositional politician, was shot at and killed. The investigation has also established the murdered politician’s supposed destination. Based on the information provided by the investigators, Nemtsov and his companion, a 23-year-old Ukrainian model, had dinner together at the shopping mall GUM shortly before the attack took place.

“After they finished, they went outside for a walk. It is suspected that Nemtsov was
“tailed” at GUM, with one person following him and reporting on his movement. The politician and his companion passed through Red Square and went down the Vasilevsky Descent. Then they crossed a bridge near the Kremlin, heading towards Bolotnaya Square. It was at the bridge that a foreign-produced car appeared and Nemtsov was gunned down by its occupants. The car disappeared instantly afterwards,”- the investigators claim.

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