72-year old Harrison Ford hospitalized after crashing his plane
06 March, 2015
American actor Harrison Ford, famous for his heroic roles, crash landed his airplane on a Venice, California golf course Thursday afternoon , - reports.

Moments before the crash, in an audio recording of his conversation with air traffic controllers, an unemotional Ford can be heard requesting an emergency landing because his engine had failed.

The 72-year-old actor, who has been a licensed pilot for nearly two decades, wasn't going to be able to make the runaway at Santa Monica
Airport so he picked a long green at the nearby Penmar golf course to land away from the congested neighborhood.

While Ford was rushed from the scene bleeding heavily from a head wound, his injuries were described only as 'moderate' and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Aviation expert Rick Dake told People that Ford's landing was amazing considering the unforgiving nature of the World War II-era plane.

“Everything he did was perfect”- Dake, of Aviation Consulting Experts, said.