Van Gogh style necklace – Spectacular wearable art from Franz Porcelain
10 March, 2015
In our previous article we introduced our readers to an amazing collection of cups and teapots in Van Gogh style by porcelain brand Franz. This time we present fascinating necklaces reflecting the most iconic flower paintings by famous Dutch artist Van Gogh. This sophisticated jewelry will serve as a perfect accessory for any woman.

Franz Collection is the number one porcelain art designer and producer in Asia. It aims to revive the Chinese porcelain heritage
and integrates classical, contemporary, Western and Eastern aesthetics.

Many word leaders as well as celebrities choose Franz when giving gifts, such as: The former Chinese President Hu, British Prime Minister Brown and Russian President Putin while former American President Bush Senior picked Franz as Christmas gifts for his family and friends. The Taiwanese President Ma presented Pope Francis with Franz porcelain. Celebrities such as Barbara Streisand and Elton John; not to mention, the Queen of Nepal, the Princess of Kuwait and the Prince of Morocco often give Franz as gifts or simply collect it for themselves.

Van Gogh art lovers can also purchase these stylish pieces of wearable art for only $147.

Sunflower by Van Gogh

Iris flower by Van Gogh

Almond flower by Van Gogh

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