The only man alive who can play and swim with a polar bear
14 March, 2015
Grizzly man Mark Abbot Dumas is the only man in the world who can get close enough to touch a polar bear, and that’s not all he is able to do.

The fearless animal trainer even goes for a dip in the pool where he and 16-year-old polar bear Agee cuddle together and have fun; they play and wrestle like children do. Mark even permits Agee to clamp her huge jaws around his head, - Dailymail reports.

“If anyone else
tried this they would end up as Agee's dinner .The only people in the whole world she likes are me and my wife,”- said Mark.

As the courageous bear trainer said, he has worked with bears for 40 years, so he can read the bear’s body language and knows how to behave.

Mark and his wife took Agee on when she was just eight weeks old. Mark was approached by director Fraser Heston, who needed a polar bear cub for his film Alaska. With this purpose mark found Agee, a cub at a Zoo in Sweden. The husband and wife went through a complicated application process to prove that they had facilities to care for the bear.

Now Agee spends her time living in her new enclosure on rented land near Mark and Dawn's home in Abbotsford, and on the road working on TV and film sets.