9 Golden rules for taking perfect photos from genius National Geographic photographer
20 March, 2015
No one knows the exact recipe for creating a masterpiece, though there are some rules that will help to add sophistication to one’s work.

Here we present 9 basic rules from Steve McCurry, the genius National Geographic photographer responsible for the famous photo of an Afghan girl. Using his work as an example, he showed that by following the basic principles of composition, anyone can achieve the desired result.

Famous photo of Afghan girl by Steve McCurry

Rule of thirds
sure the important parts of the photo are located along the lines, and the photo’s centerpieces - at their intersection.

Guiding lines
Use natural lines to draw the viewer’s focus.

Diagonal lines
Correctly chosen lines provide a dynamic effect.

Use natural frameworks, such as windows and doors.

Correlation between the photo’s subject and its background
Find the right contrast between the subject and the background.

Fill the frame
Get closer to what you are photographing

The dominating eye
Place the right or left eye of your subject in the center of the picture. It makes his gaze more expressive.

Patterns and repeating images
Patterns are pleasant to look at, but it is even better when the photographer interrupts them by adding an object for contrast and accentuation.

The harmony of two halves is pleasing to the eye.