Putin's new planes - Tasteless luxury and astronomical price (+ photos)
25 March, 2015
Photos of the interior of two planes IL-96-300 that were commissioned for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s personal use, have leaked into the internet.
According to blogger by the nickname of “kungurov”, who first published these photos, he got them from an anonymous source in Russia’s Ministry of Defense.
“Our self-proclaimed Tsar has decided to give himself a gift on his 15th anniversary of assuming the crown by whipping his slaves into paying for two luxurious IL-96 airliners for him. The
first, an IL-96-300, will cost us taxpayers 3.75 billion rubles. The second, IL-96-300-PU(M1) will cost 5.2 billion.

Don’t mind the photos; they only depict a shell & core fit-out. The walls of the plane are planned to be decorated with precious paintings. Who said that the country is in a crisis? It’s you suckers who have a crisis, our golden toilets do not care for that,” writes the blogger.
As he claims, all the soft furniture is made from expensive leather, almost every surface is plated with gold and the plane has its own gym that puts 5-star hotels to shame.