Watch the colorblind react as they experience color for the first time
25 March, 2015
The Washington Post has shared a video produced by Valspar Paint with EnChroma, about people experiencing color for the very first with the help of a new type of glasses.

EnChroma Labs founder Don McPherson (a materials scientist) had originally engineered the glasses with surgeons in mind. The lenses contained rare earth iron and absorbed a ton of light to protect surgeons performing laser eye surgery. The boosted absorption also made colors pop more vibrantly, allowing them to more easily
distinguish among different tissues during surgery.

McPherson himself started using them as regular sunglasses. And when a color-blind friend tried them on, he was amazed: He could distinguish orange traffic cones from the grass and pavement around them.

Now EnChroma sells the glasses which have been specifically tailored for color blindness since the accidental discovery.
EnChroma lenses look like ordinary tinted lenses, but when you look through them something amazing happens: your experience of color vision is fundamentally transformed. Now through these sunglasses colorblind people are also able to see the world rich colors.