5 Creative methods to decorate Easter eggs
29 April, 2019
Lately, the art of decorating Easter eggs has increasingly gone beyond the traditional, giving great scope to creativity and imagination. In Georgia they are dyed on Good Friday, the color representing the blood and sacrifice of Christ for humanity. As it is known when Saint Mary Magdalene congratulated the Roman Emperor Tiberius on Christ’s resurrection and gifted him with an egg, he replied “I’d sooner believe in this egg turning red than a man coming back from the dead”. The egg
immediately turned red. That is why the traditional Georgian method of dyeing eggs red by using “Endro” (Rubia herb) or onion peels.

See different methods used around the world to diversify the holiday feast with unusual decoration.

1. Wrap the egg in a piece of an old tie and boil with vinegar.

2. Wrap eggs with greens or dried flowers and boil

3. Mosaic from eggshell

4. Egg decorated with confectionery sprinkles

5. Golden eggs


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