Why a bunny on Easter?
10 April, 2015
Easter is widely celebrated around the world in various different ways. Each country has its own particular traditions related to this celebration. In European countries, one of the most popular symbols of Easter besides beautifully decorated eggs is a rabbit.

It’s not uncommon to come across rabbit-shaped cakes, chocolates, sweets and even napkins which serve as beautiful table decorations. Yet not everyone knows why the rabbit is associated with Easter or what kind of symbolic meaning it actually
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The Easter Bunny (also called the Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare) is a symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs. Originating among German Lutherans, the "Easter Rabbit" originally played the role of a judge, evaluating whether children were good or bad for the start of the season of Eastertide (a festal season in the liturgical year of Christianity that begins on Easter Sunday).

The Easter Bunny is sometimes depicted in clothes. In legend, the Easter bunny carries colored eggs, candy and sometimes toys in his basket to the homes of children. According to the legend, only good children received colored eggs in little nests that they made in their caps and bonnets before Easter.

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