The Unique Connection- Sweetest video of kids finding their moms without seeing them
21 April, 2015
Can a child recognise their mother simply through touch and scent?
In a heart-warming video that will have you reaching for the tissues, six real-life women and their children are gathered to find out the answer, the Daily Mail reports.
The sweet youngsters are blindfolded and asked to pick their mum out of the group, while their mothers can be seen waiting anxiously to see whether their child would recognise them.

Touchingly, the women become quite emotional as they children
move tentatively along the group one by one, taking the women's hands, touching their hair and faces.

Each child eventually locates their own, throwing their arms around them in recognition.

The video, called The Unique Connection, was created by Pandora to celebrate Mother's Day and the special bond between mother and child, the Daily Mail informs.
It has so far been viewed 2.8 million times, and has even attracted the attention of celebrities.

Ashton Kutcher shared the video on his Facebook page, and wrote: 'I could watch this all day.'

Mother's Day 2015 is celebrated in Australia and the US on May 10. The UK already celebrated their holiday, also called Mothering Sunday, in March, the Daily Mail reports.

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