Ukrainian medical battalion volunteer who plays the reed pipe to calm the wounded
22 April, 2015
Misha “Lemko” Adamchak, a reed pipe player from a Carpathian band “Koralli”, is a new participant in the Warriors’ Music project. He is a Hospitallers medical battalion volunteer, carrying the wounded off the battlefield. He frequently sings while performing his duty to distract his charges from the pain. He always carries his sopilka (Ukrainian version of a reed pipe) with him, both at the frontlines and in daily life.

The dance “Arkan” (noose), which is performed to the tune that
Misha plays in the video, is the primary part of an initiation ritual for a Hutsul youth. After the ritual, the twenty-year-old receives a right to carry a bartka (hand axe), perform traditional dances and gird himself with a kushak – a wide sash. This indicated his transition to manhood. According to legends, “Arkan” was first performed by Hutsul outriders who descended from the Carpathian Mountains. According to Misha, this centuries-old tune is very relevant and meaningful nowadays – it symbolizes the Ukrainian people taking the noose off their necks and defeating their enemies.