A look deep into the past - Photos of young Vladimir Putin
22 April, 2015
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Details of Putin’s early life can be hard to find, in part because of his obscure background and his time in the KGB; thus, much of what is known of his earlier days comes from him and his friends of that time.
One such friend Masha Gessen has said: “If anyone ever insulted him in any way, Volodya would immediately jump on the guy, scratch him, bite him, rip his hair out in clumps — do
anything at all to never allow anyone to humiliate him in any way.”
Before reaching his teens, Putin began training in a martial art that combines techniques from others like karate and judo. He later continued with the latter, - the reports.
Here we present photos depicting the childhood and early years of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.

A class photo of Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg, then called Leningrad, circa 1960.
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