Russian singer Zhanna Friske dies at 40
16 June, 2015
Russian singer Zhanna Friske, who was suffering from brain cancer, died at the age of 40. This was confirmed by her father Vladimir Friske. However, he reported no details, as informs.

Zhanna Friske was diagnozed with brain cancer in the middle of 2013. She underwent treatment in some of the best clinics of the world. At some point, medics even thought that her life was not in danger anymore. However, a few days ago it turned out that the singer
needed another course of treatment.

Zhanna Friske gained popularity as the soloist of Blestyashchiye (1996-2003), starting a solo career afterwards. She also played in a few films.

The singer lived together with her husband, TV presenter from Belarus Dmitri Shepelyov, and her little son Platon in a country house in the past few months. Friske and her husband wanted to create a charity fund for people suffering from cancer, reports.