Dramatic footage: Kiev clashes leave one dead and 100 injured (18+)
01 September, 2015
A police officer has died in clashes that occurred near the Ukrainian Rada in Kiev on Monday. Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has stated that the number of those injured has hit 100. As reported, ten of them are in a critical condition.

Most of the injured are police officers and National Guard representatives. They are currently being hospitalized or provided medical aid at the scene.

At the same time, Kiev Security Service representatives have declared th
at the person who threw a grenade at the police cordon has already been arrested.

Clashes between police officers and protesters started several hours ago. The latter tried to invade the building of the Ukrainian Rada but the police have managed to stop them.

About 3 000 protesters have gathered in front of the building to decry the constitutional amendment on decentralization recently adopted by the Rada.