Embassy of Georgia to France announces hotline number
14 November, 2015
The Embassy of Georgia to France has released a statement for the Georgian citizens and tourists who are currently in Paris:

"A state of emergency was declared in Paris on November 13 due to the terrorist attacks. High-security plan has been declared. Citizens are advised to stay home. Accordingly, we urge you to stay in homes, hotels.

The embassy’s hotline number is: + 33 (0) 783318689," – says the statement.

France has declared a national state of emergency and tightened
borders after at least 140 people were killed in a night of gun and bomb attacks in Paris.

Eighty people were reported killed after gunmen burst into the Bataclan concert hall and took dozens hostage.

The siege ended when security forces stormed the building.

People were shot dead at bars and restaurants at five other sites in Paris. Eight attackers were later reported killed.

Police believed all of the gunmen were dead but it was unclear if any accomplices were still on the run after the string of near-simultaneous attacks.

Paris residents have been asked to stay indoors and about 1,500 military personnel are being deployed across the city.