"Tell Someone You Trust" - CoE countries mark the European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation
19 November, 2015
On the 18th of November 2015, for the first time the European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation was marked in the Council of Europe member States for the first time.

Georgia is one of the “newest” participants of the Council of Europe’s Lanzarote Convention – a unique legally binding Convention criminalizing all kinds of sexual offences against children, protecting children-victims and prosecuting perpetrators. The Convention entered into force in Georgia on the 1st
of January 2015. Georgia is the also the only South Caucasus country that has ratified the Convention – Armenia and Azerbaijan still have not done so.

To mark the European Day, the Council of Europe has produced a short animated clip on sexual abuse of children in the circle of trust. It is meant for children of 9-13 years old. It tells a story of a little girl and her brother abused by a friend of the family, and encourages children to seek advice and talk to the people they trust.

Background information on the European Day against Sexual Abuse of Children:

· Sexual abuse of children is a tragic reality in all Council of Europe Member States. One in five children under the age of 18 in Europe is a victim of sexual violence.

· In 70 - 85% of cases, the perpetrator is a person known to the child and part of their “circle of trust” (family member, coach, teacher, family friend).

· In 90% of cases, abuse is not reported to the police, as children are afraid to speak up, and the theme is a no-go conversation topic in many societies.

· The Council of Europe seeks to shatter the system of taboos exploited by paedophiles. Educating children and alerting them to the existing risks is vital.

· Children must understand the simple rules of “good secrets and bad secrets” and “good touch and bad touch”; they must be able to seek help.