When authority means more than rating
12 October, 2016
What and which channels should I watch on TV? - This is the questions millions of people ask themselves every day.

Where and on which channel should I put advertisement to receive better feedback? = This is the problem the companies’ marketing managers scratch their heads over.

It’s not so easy to make a choice when public or private broadcasters offer hundreds of different channels to their clients and these channels are supposed to satisfy the needs of people of
different ages or tastes.

America, where television is super popular and super developed, is one of the best examples of how the TV landscape has been changing for the last few years.

According to the latest data published by MediaLife agency, last week the most popular channel in the USA was a sports channel ESPN and it was followed by entertainment channels like TBS, FX, USA and Adult Swim. This same agency says, one of the most well-known channels, CNN, only occupies 14th spot in this list.

TV Insider claims in spite of the fact that in 2015 CNN was on the 31st place and it was topped by the likes of ESPN, Disney, Telemundo, Food Network, etc., the overall number of Atlanta based company has grown comparing to the previous year by 28% and reached 672 000 a day.

As marketing experts say, CNN’s relatively low rating is due to the most people wanting to spend their spare time watching entertaining programs.

“The popularity of television in general is determined by entertaining programs, TV series and soap operas, movies, because they are more acceptable for the wider public. That is why the channels that have these kinds of products have more approval rating among viewers,” American marketing experts say.

However, larger part of advertising providers prefers the channels that are popular among business circles. Apart from that, another important factor is that one has to trust the TV channel he/she is choosing for that purpose.

“The influence of CNN is determined by its non-biased politics and authority. It is quite enough for us to know that the viewers trust this channels and this is the category of viewers for whom time, efficiency and reliable information is very important. That is why CNN is one of those channels that enjoy high authority.”

According to CNN, beginning from 2004 the income from advertisements is growing every year. Although the channel never makes the official data public, Niemanlab says in 2012 CNN earned 600 million USD only from advertisements.

CNN or Cable News Network was the first channel that provided the viewers with 24-hour news broadcasting. Today, the company has 40 bureaus and 26 of them are located abroad. CNN news is broadcasted via 38 space satellites and is available in 212 countries and territories of the world.

By Mari Javakhishvili
Kviris Palitra