13 Kenyan police officers killed in two days
30 May, 2017
On Thursday, May 25, five police officers were murdered when their car hit a roadside bomb in northeastern Kenya.
It happened on a day when eight policemen were killed in consequence of two separate blasts. A regional security official declared to Tuko.

According to Mohamud Ali Saleh, North Eastern regional coordinator, five policemen were killed in the attack during the ongoing operation in Liboi, a town on the Somalia border.

The Red Cross in Kenya revealed the information that the
attack took place between Malelei and Kulan (Garissa County).

In the SITE Intelligence Group`s statement, a Somali-led al-Qaeda jihadist group, Al-Shabaab, confirmed this and two previous attacks.

As Tuko has already informed, on May 24 (Wednesday), eight officers died in two incidents in Garissa and Mandera Counties near the Somalia border.

In this connection, the police of Kenya have recently warned people of enlarged Islamist activity in that region.

Since 2007, al-Shabaab has been actively fighting to conquer consecutive internationally-backed governments in Somalia. In 2011, they started to attack Kenya. It happened after official Nairobi ordered its troops into Somalia to struggle the radicals.

Presently, Kenyan soldiers participate in the great 22,300 African Union mission combating in Somalia.

In 2013, shooters of al-Shabaab seized a huge shopping mall in Nairobi. 67 people were killed, as a result. In 2015, in the attack on Garissa University, almost 148 people were murdered.