How Does NASA Wish to Divide Kenya?
16 November, 2017
Is NASA`s new bill intended to divide Kenya into two nations? Will the People's Republic of Kenya appear? All bill details were disclosed after NASA leaders stated secession remains atop their program.

Earlier NASA (The National Super Alliance, known by the abbreviation NASA, a Kenyan political coalition of opposition center-left parties) leaders called for boycotting the rerun of presidential elections. As a sign of NASA's apparent willpower to push for secession, the Member of Parliament, Peter Kaluma (from Homa Bay Town)
has finalized a particular bill to modify the 2010 Constitution with the aim to create two separate republics.

The ODM MP submitted the bill to the IEBC for the appraisal. Then, he will need to collect one million signatures of all registered voters to set off a referendum.
Raila, the ex-Prime Minister, delivered a lecture at the US policy Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. He told that presently the main problem in Kenya was exclusion. “When you see people start talking about secession, it, on the whole, tells you there is something badly wrong with Kenya,” explained Raila. He also added that a solution would be soon found in Kenya. Previously, Raila called for a 6-month shift government, in case Uhuru Kenyatta would step down.
Kaluma's Constitution of Kenya 2017 wishes to amend Article 5 of the Constitution to change the current territory of Kenya. According to the article, Kenya consists of the land itself and territorial waters.

“It is offered to modify the Constitution of Kenya 2010 under 255(1)(b) and (2) of the Constitution as read together with Article 5 of the Constitution to redefine the territory of Kenya for the formation of two new countries,” Kaluma’s draft states.

The opposition, in its turn, has approved the creation of a county People's Assemblies and national People's Assembly. They are planning to pass a special resolution on self-determination if Kenyatta becomes a president.

At the same time, the other NASA counties, Kakamega and Vihiga, commonly sanctioned the creation of the sovereign people’s parliament. Siaya County was the first to support the motion stating the county does not recognize Kenyatta as the head of the state.

At the beginning of October, Kaluma asked Wafula Chebukati, the IEBC Chairman, whether the Commission had adopted all obligatory procedures to start a referendum to make changes to the Constitution. Later he told that the IEBC had not replied at all. “I submitted to them a draft bill to modify the Constitution in line with the secession plan,” Kaluma explained.

Most regions, which population desires to divide Kenya into two separate states, are from opposition counties in Nyanza, Western Kenya, Coast, and Ukambani. Additionally, Kaluma mentioned particular areas in Rift Valley counties, counting Pokot, Ilchamus, Turkana, Maasai, Samburu, El Molo, and Northern Kenya.

Kaluma is persuaded that when the process of separation is finished, the evils of tribalism, exclusion, inequities, corruption, impunity caused by the Jubilee administration will be cured of.

Minimum 20% of all registered voters in each of minimum 24 counties must take part in the referendum to consider it approved. “If either of the House of Parliament fails to pass the bill—the proposed amendment shall be submitted to the people in a referendum,” reads Article 257 of the Constitution.

According to Article 255, such a bill must be subjected to a referendum if it touches on the “territory of Kenya.” It must be, however, remembered, that the Jubilee administration controls 29 county assemblies. Therefore, the ruling party can quickly destroy the measure, if Kaluma manages to gather the one million signatures.
If the bill is passed in assemblies, NASA will immediately ask its counties to join for making unite administration. According to them, it must give birth to The People’s Republic of Kenya.

Source: Tuko News