Ski lift accidents throughout the world similar to Gudauri ropeway breakdown
17 March, 2018
Terrifying accident that took place in Georgia’s one of the most popular Gudauri ski resort has shocked global community as well as drew the attention of international media. On March 16 due to the malfunction of ski lift Sadzele 5, the ropeway started to move in reverse throwing around the people and injuring 11 holidaymakers, most of them tourists. As it turned out, this is not the first case when the ski lift goes out of control. Similar case was
observed at Pennsylvania ski resort three months ago when a chair on the ski lift slid backward into the chair behind it, setting off a chain reaction that involved a total of five chairs. As a result, the cable ropeway started to move backwards and chairs crushing into each other. In the aftermath of Pennsylvania ski lift accident that occurred on the first day of the ski season, Dec 16, 2017, five people were injured in total.
Ski lift accident in Tussey Mountain Ski Resort, Pennsylvania

Around 10 a.m., a malfunction on a section of the chair lift cut the first car loose, sending it sliding down the rope into another chair and causing a "chain reaction" that sent four slipped chairs sliding into a fifth, reads the reportage of ABC News.

As ABC News reported, around hundred people left hanging in the air at 20-25 meters awaiting for the rescue team to help them get off the ski lift chairs.
People left hanging in the air at 20-25 meters

According to the Pennsylvania police, it took them 90 minutes to evacuate the chair lift, including people who were stranded aloft when the lift was stopped.

Tussey Mountain, which closed after the mishap, said the lift had been inspected by state safety officials and had received a passing grade.

"We have begun taking the necessary steps to ensure a situation like this will never happen again," Tussey Mountain's statement said. "We have contacted the manufacturer of the lift to diagnose what caused the malfunction, as well as the appropriate state agencies prior to re-opening."

A child is evacuated from another seat after the chairlift was brought to a stop

The video reportage of ABC News showed several cases of ski lift accidents throughout the world, yet stating that such incidents as Pennsylvania ski resort case are very rare. As National Ski Areas Association states, according to the statistics, in total there were 12 deaths at ski lifts around the world over the last 40 years.

As a reminder, ski lift in Georgia's Gudauri winter resort went out of control when the holidaymakers were ascending the highest slope Sadzele (3279 meters above sea level) at 1:00 pm. . The accident left 11 people with mild injuries. All the injured people have already undergone medical treatment and their health condition is satisfactory. Currently the situation in Gudauri resort is calm; all the ski lifts operate as usual expect the damaged one.

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